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This is the written policy and procedure manual of the Richmond Public Library (RPL).  The Policy Manual is revised via motion and approval of the Richmond Public Library Board of Trustees at regularly scheduled meetings.  

The Library Director may promulgate regulations without prior Library Board approval unless board action is required by law or unless the Board has specific authority that requires board approval. The Board shall be kept informed of all regulations issued by the administration. 

The Library Director is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the City of Richmond policy and procedures and with State and Federal regulations related to public libraries.

Questions regarding this document should be directed to the Library Director. Approved copies of the Policy Manual are maintained on file in the Library Director’s office, on SharePoint and on the library’s shared network drive.

The Richmond Public Library System consists of a main library with eight additional branches located throughout the City to serve all of its citizens.

### Inform, Enrich, Empower

The mission of the RPL is to inform, enrich, and empower Richmond's residents: to enrich lives and expand opportunities for all citizens by promoting reading and the active use of cultural, intellectual, and information resources through a dedication to excellence and professional service.

In addition to books, e-books, recorded books and DVD's, all Library locations offer programs and classes, meeting room use, wireless Internet access, and public use PCs. Fax service is available at each library for a fee to send faxes (not receive); notary service is available at each library (please call to make sure the registered notary is available).

The Library's dedicated staff is always ready to assist you in making use of all library resources.

### City of Richmond’s Fair Housing Policy:

<a href="http://www.richmondgov.com/PressSecretaryMayor/documents/Non-discrimination_policy_English_posted.pdf" target="_blank">Click here</a> to view the City’s Fair Housing Policy in English.

### Política de la Ciudad de Richmond sobre la Equidad en la Vivienda:
<a href="http://www.richmondgov.com/PressSecretaryMayor/documents/Non-discrimination_policy_Spanish_posted.pdf" target="_blank">Haga clic aquí</a> para ver la Política de la Ciudad de Richmond sobre la Equidad en la Vivienda, en español.