05.02.a Library Card Renewal Policy - Revised 5-22-19.pdf

Richmond Public Library patrons with an up-to-date library card may check out library material. Regular status library cards have no expiration date, but user information will be verified for accuracy on a yearly basis.

If patron's record is clear (no unpaid fines, lost books, etc.), that patron should be VERIFIED without requiring patron to furnish proof of address. New or changed information should be verified and entered in Borrower Services. If patron's record is not clear, patron must pay off all fines, fees, etc., to a $9.99 balance before card information is verified. An exception occurs when there has been a collection referral. In this instance, the patron's card must be cleared entirely before privileges are reinstated.

The following special status library cards have expiration dates:

  • Regular Card: with 3-years of inactivity
  • PC Guest Card: 90 days
  • e-Card: with 1-year of inactivity
  • Fee Card: 1-year (expiration manually entered)
  • Temporary Resident (TP) Cards: 1-year
  • Youth Card (Age 17 and younger) expires when cardholder turns 18


Approved: April 20, 2005

Revised: May 2007

Reviewed: February 2012

Revised: March 2014

Revised: January 24, 2018

Revised: May 22, 2019