04.10 Accessing Employee Record Policy - SIRSI - Reviewed 11-20-17.pdf

The City of Richmond and the Richmond Public Library expect high ethical standards from all employees. In our daily work, Richmond Public Library staff have access to library materials of value, handle cash, and are responsible for equipment and other items of value. Richmond Public Library staff must follow all City and Library policies to provide appropriate safeguards and accountability in handling of cash, security of cash or equipment, and access to library buildings and equipment.

Richmond Public Library staff must hold library cards and are expected to check out library materials just as regular customers do. Library materials that are being used for work purposes (programs, displays) should also be checked out to an appropriate staff account.

In order to maintain a high level of integrity and transparency of transactions, it is the Library's policy that staff shall not modify their own library record or that of any family member or member of their immediate household, other than conducting transactions through the library's public website that can be completed by all library patrons. Transactions that are completed through the Workflows interface such as check-in/out, payment or clearing of fines, must be completed by another staff member.

Another staff member must always complete override authority.

If found that staff have made adjustments to his own or a family member's library record, staff is subject to disciplinary action.


Approved: October 2005

Reviewed: January 2012

Reviewed: November 20, 2017