09.03 Art Exhibits Policy - Approved 02-2012.pdf

The Richmond Public Library provides programming and cultural opportunities to the residents of Richmond. As part of this mission, Richmond Public Library promotes local and regional artists through its art exhibits and exhibition spaces.

The Main Library of the Richmond Public Library offers four galleries for the exhibition of artwork. The four galleries are the Gellman Room, the Dooley Foyer, the Dooley Hall, and the Second Floor Gallery.

Artists interested in exhibiting artwork at the Main Library must apply by submitting a portfolio consisting of photographs of their artwork and two finished pieces of art. The Art Committee, comprised of 8 staff members, is responsible for the selection of artists and scheduling of exhibits. Local artists or art educators may be asked to participate in the Review process.

An Art Portfolio Review takes place three times a year. Dates for the Art Portfolio Review are noted on the application and general publicity for submissions. After the submission of the work on the deadline date, the Review will take place one week later, and the work will be returned to the artists within a few days after the review. ( For example, January 20, 2006 is the Portfolio Review Deadline date. The Portfolio Review takes place January 27, 2006. The artists' works are returned within the following week.)

The Art Committee suggests that 10% of an artist's sales during the exhibit be donated to the Richmond Public Library Art Fund. This money goes directly towards defraying the cost of First Friday receptions and gallery expenses.


Approved: February 2012