09.03 Art Exhibits Policy - Reviewed 04-2019 with Guidelines and Form.pdf

The Richmond Public Library provides programming and cultural opportunities to the residents of Richmond. As part of this mission, Richmond Public Library promotes local and regional artists through its art exhibits and exhibition spaces.

The Main Library of the Richmond Public Library offers four galleries for the exhibition of artwork. The four galleries are the Gellman Room, the Dooley Foyer, the Dooley Hall, and the Second Floor Gallery.

Artists interested in exhibiting artwork at the Main Library must apply by submitting a portfolio consisting of photographs of their artwork and two finished pieces of art. The Art Committee, comprised of 8 staff members, is responsible for the selection of artists and scheduling of exhibits. Local artists or art educators may be asked to participate in the Review process.

An Art Portfolio Review takes place three times a year. Dates for the Art Portfolio Review are noted on the application and general publicity for submissions. After the submission of the work on the deadline date, the Review will take place one week later, and the work will be returned to the artists within a few days after the review. ( For example, January 20, 2006 is the Portfolio Review Deadline date. The Portfolio Review takes place January 27, 2006. The artists' works are returned within the following week.)

The Art Committee suggests that 10% of an artist's sales during the exhibit be donated to the Richmond Public Library Art Fund. This money goes directly towards defraying the cost of First Friday receptions and gallery expenses.

Information/Guidelines for the Art Exhibit at the Main Library Staff Contact: Lynn Vandenesse – 804.646.7223

APPLICATION TO REQUEST AN ART EXHIBIT: 1. An artist must bring in photos of the artwork for the Library Art Committee to see and evaluate; in addition, two pieces of work must be submitted as well. Artists should be sure that all works are labeled with name, address, and telephone number.

  1. The application form must be submitted along with the artwork. The form is available at the Reference desk of the Main Library and on the library website at rvalibrary.org.

  2. The committee will notify the artist(s) of exhibit approval, date, and installation information.

  3. Exhibitors must be 18 years of age or older, except for special group shows. Richmond area artists will receive first priority.

  4. In addition to individuals, local art associations and other bona fide art groups may apply for exhibit space. Well-established groups may ask for annual exhibits and these will be granted if space is available. Group shows are favored as they give more artists an opportunity to show their work.

  5. Because of the heavy demand for exhibit space, one-person exhibits may be scheduled every three years only.

  6. The Library Art Committee reserves the right to determine exhibit space availability.

  7. The Library also reserves the right to reschedule an exhibit in the event of a specific library event or exhibit, although this would be a rare occurrence.

  8. Confirmation of exhibits for the upcoming year is mailed in the fall. A letter is mailed to every group and/or individual artist.

  9. The Library is unable to insure individual or group exhibits. The Library will ask each individual or group to sign a statement that states that they recognize and acknowledge this fact. Artists may choose to provide their own insurance coverage.

INSTALLATION: 1. Exhibits are installed the Thursday before the 1st Friday and removed the Wednesday before the following 1st Friday of each month.

  1. Each exhibitor is responsible for hanging their own show. Exhibitors must furnish all supplies necessary for hanging their work. This includes fishing line for the Gellman Room, Second Floor Gallery, and the Dooley Hall. The use of nails or tape on any wall is strictly prohibited. The cost of repair for any damage to the walls incurred during hanging will be the responsibility of the artist.

  2. It is strongly recommended that the artist bring an assistant to help with the installation.

  3. Artists must adhere to scheduled dates for hanging and removing shows. No work is to be removed before the show is over.

  4. Each exhibitor is to provide a price list and/or labels with title, artist, and price, and a short biographical or information sheet to be posted in the exhibit. Labels may not be affixed to the wall. Labels should be affixed to the back of the frame to hang below the painting frame. Please use 1 1⁄2“ x 3“ labels.

  5. An exhibitor is expected to show work done in the same medium as that of the work approved by the Library Art Committee. For example, a painter whose paintings have been approved may not substitute photographs. It is also expected that an artist will not include work in an exhibit that has been shown at the Library before or recently in another Richmond area space. A retrospective exhibit would be an exception.

  6. The Library reserves the right to eliminate any work. The Library is an inclusive, family friendly public space. The library reserves the right to cancel a show if too few works are brought in, or to eliminate works if the exhibitor has brought too many.

  7. All arrangements for installing and removing an exhibit must be made through the Staff Contact (phone: 804-646-7223). Exhibitors may not ask assistance from staff members (parking privileges, help with hanging, permission to leave or remove work during unscheduled times, permission to remain after library hours, etc.). Any special arrangements must be communicated in advance with the Staff Contact person. Parking space is not provided.

PROMOTION: 1. A listing of all exhibits is provided to the news media and to local art critics. Information will be included in the Library’s printed monthly calendar. In addition, the art/artists will be included in the Programs/Events area of the Richmond Public Library’s website.

  1. The Library participates in First Friday, a formal activity for the downtown area. First Friday is an opportunity for the Library to spotlight local artists and to enhance the audience who will see their exhibits. First Friday consists of a monthly opening-night reception for the artists of all the Library’s exhibit areas—the Gellman Room, the Dooley Foyer, the Dooley Hall, and the Second Floor Gallery. It is the expectation of the Library that each artist will be present to greet and talk with those who come to this event. It is strongly recommended that the artists send out invitations to the First Friday receptions.

DONATION: A 10% donation of any sales is suggested to help defray the costs of First Friday and other gallery expenses.


Approved: February 2012

Reviewed: April 2019