14.05 Dress Code Policy - Revised 03-2012.pdf

In order to provide an appropriate work environment and professional interface with customers who use its service and facilities, the Richmond Public Library requires staff to comply with the following dress policy:

  1. City of Richmond ID badges must be worn at all times in the workplace.

    a. Appropriate badges for work study students and volunteers will be provided by the library.

    b. Contractors and vendors are required to have City of Richmond contractor ID badges.

  2. Employees will be dressed in a manner appropriate to the workplace. Clothing will be neat, clean and not torn. Proper standards of personal hygiene are expected.

  3. Clothing that can be reasonably considered provocative by supervisors or administration is not suitable.

  4. Sport clothing such as sweatsuits, sweatbands, bicycling attire, tank tops, leggings (unless worn under a dress or similar appropriate clothing), or shorts is not suitable for the workplace.

  5. Shirts and blouses will be long enough to meet the lower garment. Midriffs should not be exposed.

  6. "Message" shirts are not permitted for any staff. T-shirts with "read" messages may be worn for projects or events that require more casual dress.

  7. Scents/perfumes should be used in moderation.

  8. Staff who are handling book trucks or other heavy items should wear closed-toe shoes.

  9. Jeans: Remember that you are at work, not at home or out with your friends. Jeans that are torn, worn, frayed, bleached/stained, or too tight are never appropriate for the workplace.

  10. Interns, work-study students and volunteers must consult with their supervisor for dress guidelines. Interns who are students, and work-study students may wear neat blue jeans during their regular work schedules. All other guidelines apply at all times.

  11. Exceptions:

    a. "Casual Fridays" will allow neat blue jeans and t-shirts without messages to be worn by staff. T-shirts with "read" messages or messages promoting City of Richmond programs will be allowed on Casual Fridays. (Staff working on Saturdays may follow Casual Friday dress guidelines on Friday or Saturday, not both.)

    b. Staff working on projects such as weeding/re-shelving collections should wear clothing appropriate for the work. Clothing should be neat and appropriate for the workplace.


Approved: January 2006

Revised: March 2012