13.04 Emergency Evacuation Plan at Branch Libraries Policy - Reviewed 12-2018.pdf


The purpose of this policy is to provide instructions for emergency evacuations for the protection and safety of all Library employees and visitors.


This plan is designed to handle evacuations of the Richmond Public Library. This plan is subject to change either by written or oral directive through the Building Warden when certain emergency conditions exist. The plan is prepared for emergency evacuation arising from:

a) Fire

b) Bomb Threat

c) Civil Disorders

d) Storm, Hurricane, Tornado, etc.

e) Flood

f) Seismic Event (earthquake)

g) Power Failure

h) Other threats to the safety of life and property

In a situation of any severe natural or man-made event (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc.), Library employees and visitors will remain in the building until authorization to leave is issued. DO NOT EVACUATE UNLESS AUTHORIZED.


The emergency evacuation organization is comprised of the Security Officer (if assigned), Building Warden, and Alternate Warden where needed.

a) A Building Warden will be designated for the entire building.

b) An Alternate Warden will be designated for area in the building.

c) A Security Officer, only if assigned, will be available to assist with the orderly emergency evacuation.


Building Warden

a) Formulate and publish a plan for orderly evacuation.

b) Distribute the plan to all members of the organization and plan classes to insure clear understanding of the provisions of the plan by all. Periodic classes should be held to train alternate wardens in evacuation procedures, use of fire fighting equipment and procedures for evacuating handicapped patrons.

c) Select from personnel at each branch to serve as alternate.

Responsibilities During Emergency

In the event of an emergency necessitating the evacuation of the Richmond Public Library:

  1. Building Warden – will notify the Alternate Warden or whoever is nearest to the source of danger. If special assistance is needed to help patrons with physical, visual, hearing, and/or other challenges, the Building Warden will coordinate and direct aid to those individuals.

  2. Alternate Warden – will supervise the evacuation of the Branch with particular emphasis on assistance to handicapped persons. When the alarm is sounded, the Alternate Warden will oversee the orderly evacuation of all patrons and personnel in the Branch. The Alternate Warden will check restrooms, meeting rooms, and the storage rooms.

    The Alternate Warden will meet with the Building Warden at the front entrance before leaving the building to give a verbal confirmation that everyone has been evacuated in the building . If assistance is needed for evacuating a handicap patron in a wheel chair or with physical, visual, or hearing challenges, please contact the Building Warden or Security Officer immediately, if assigned.

  3. Security Officer (If assigned to Branch) – will be positioned at the main entrance of the building to prevent patrons from entering the building during the emergency evacuation process. The Security Officer or a designated staff person will stay at the front entrance to ensure that the building remains closed to the public until the Fire Department or other emergency personnel has determined that it is safe for the staff and patrons to return to the building. When the emergency responders arrive, Security will direct the emergency personnel to the Building Warden who will assist with identifying the source of the emergency.

  4. In the public and staff area there shall be posted a map of the floor plan with emergency exits. A list of the Building Warden and Alternate Warden along with telephone numbers will be posted at the information desk.


Branch Building Warden Contact Number Alternate Warden Contact Number
Belmont Barbara Booth 804.646.0527 or 804.646.1867 Tonya Tyler 804.646.1139
Broad Rock Heather Montgomery 804.646.1867 or 804.646.8696 Irene Bassett 804.646.8488
East End Adam Zimmerli 804.646.5396 or 804.646.4596 Sarah O'Neill 804.646.4474
Ginter Park Kerry Phillips 804.646.6292 or 804.646.1236 Nichole Tyson 804.646.1239
Hull Street Nideria Brown 804.646.0626 or 804.646.8699 Cheryl Jones 804.646.8699
North Avenue Dianne Wilmore 804.646.0566 or 804.646.6676 Teshawna Threat 804.646.6675
West End Lisa Crisman 804.646.0653 or 804.646.1678 Helene Jainchell 804.646.1877
Westover Hills Tori Nunnally 804.646.0652 or 804.646.8834 Lenora Wesley 804.646.8833



Approved: September 2006

Revised: July 2007

Revised: January 2008

Revised: January 2012

Reviewed: December 2018