09.02 Gellman Room Concerts Policy - Reviewed 01-2012.pdf

The Gellman Room Concerts are sponsored by the Richmond Public Library to support the artistic and cultural life of the community, offering an opportunity for Richmond residents to hear concerts by local and regional performers. Concerts are presented in the Gellman Room at the Main Library. Richmond Public Library welcomes applications from local performers for consideration as presenters.

Performers applying for inclusion in the Concert series should review this information, and must submit the required application by July 1 of each calendar year.


  • If you wish to be considered as a presenter, you must complete the attached application form giving your education, experience, projected program, and signature indicating that this information sheet has been read and understood.
  • Applications must be submitted by July 1 for the October-April concert season.
  • Application forms are available at the Reference desk, Main Library, and should be returned to the Gellman Room Concerts Coordinator.
  • The Music Committee of the Richmond Public Library will select the presenters for the season. The Committee's decisions are final.

Gellman Room Concert Dates

  • Gellman Room Concerts are held at 2:00 pm on the selected Saturdays of the month from October through April. The library may vary the date and/or add extra concerts at its discretion.
  • If the library must cancel a concert, or the presenter cancels because of unforeseen circumstances, the concert will be rescheduled if possible.

General Requirements

  • The library must approve any amplification in the Gellman Room in advance.
  • The piano in the Gellman Room will be tuned three times annually at the Library's expense. Presenters may pay a set fee for additional tuning in advance of their presentation, provided arrangements are made two weeks in advance through the Gellman Room Concert Committee.
  • All changes or alternative uses of the piano for the concert must be approved in advance by the Gellman Room Concert Committee.
  • Information for publicity purposes MUST be submitted to the Concert Coordinator SIX weeks in advance of the concert date.
  • A reception may be held following the concert, provided the Library is notified two weeks in advance of the concert date. The presenter is responsible for all reception costs and arrangements, including set-up and cleanup of the reception. Food preparation or refrigeration on-site is not available. NO ALOCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED.

Room Arrangement

  • The piano may not be moved or repositioned. All changes or alternative uses of the piano must be approved in advance.
  • Presenters may request the direction in which chairs will be arranged for the audience.
  • Receptions, which are optional, must be arranged in advance through the Gellman Room Concert Committee. Presenters are responsible for providing all refreshments and supplies (cups, napkins, servers, plates, tablecloths, etc.). Presenters should make arrangements for someone to staff the table and serve refreshments as well as handling set-up and clean-up. There is no refrigeration or on-site food preparation. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED. Presenters should be aware that library patrons as well as concert attendees might stop and enjoy the refreshments.


  • Rehearsal times must be arranged in advance with the concert coordinator.

Pre-Concert, Concert and Reception Time/Length

  • Pre-concert warm-up, preparation in the Gellman Room and reception preparation in the Dooley Foyer will be available to the presenter beginning at 12:00 Noon on the day of the concert. All preparations should be completed by 1:30 p.m., when the door will be opened to the audience. The presenter should arrange for the reception food to be set up just before the concert ends.
  • All concerts begin at 2:00 p.m. Concerts should be at least 45 minutes in length, but not longer than 1 1/2 hours.
  • After-concert receptions must end by 4:30 p.m.
  • Since the library closes at 5:00 p.m., all equipment, instruments, etc., brought by the presenter must be removed from the building by 5:00 pm the day of the concert.

Publicity and Promotion, Concert Programs

  • Audiences are built largely by the following of the artists who perform. Presenters are urged to invite those who may have an interest in the program. Six copies of the library-produced publicity sign will be made available to the presenter for distribution.
  • The Library will provide general publicity for the Gellman Room Concert Series, producing a season schedule and providing media releases for each concert to the Library's regular media distribution list. Presenters may request a copy of the Library's media release for use with their own means of distribution.
  • Presenters MUST provide concert information to the Concert Coordinator SIX weeks in advance of the concert date.
  • Presenters are responsible for providing printed concert programs. Concert programs should be headed at the top or front with the following: _Gellman Room Concerts, Richmond Public Library, date, name of presenter. _
  • Presenters are responsible to provide an usher to distribute programs and monitor the entrance once the program begins.


  • The Library is not responsible for musical instruments or other items brought into the library by the presenter(s).
  • All questions regarding the Concerts should be addressed to the Gellman Room Concert Coordinator.


The Library will provide:

  • General publicity for the Gellman Concert
  • Gellman Room piano, if needed
  • Rehearsal time, which must be arranged in advanced
  • Seating for the audience and for the performers, using available library furnishings. The Gellman Room will be available for presenters at noon on the day of the concert.
  • A room for coats, instrument cases, etc.
  • One or two tables for a reception, if requested.

The presenter provides:

  • Information for publicity purposes, which MUST be submitted to the Concert Coordinator SIX weeks in advance of the concert date.
  • Payment of a set fee for piano tuning, if requested. Tuning will be arranged by the Library.
  • Printed or copied programs if the presenter wishes. At the top of the program please indicate: a) Gellman Room Concerts, b) Richmond Public Library, c) date, d) name(s) of presenter(s).
  • An usher to distribute programs and monitor the entrance once the program begins.
  • Any furniture or equipment not provided by the library. The library must approve such items in advance.
  • All arrangements, preparation and serving for a reception, which must be requested in advance.



Approved: September 2006

Reviewed: January 2012