06.03 Google Chromebook User Agreement Policy - Approved 07-2013.pdf

User Agreement for In-house Check-out of Google Chromebooks

Borrower must have a Richmond Public Library card in good standing. The parent/guardian whose signature authorized the library card, must also sign this user agreement.

I, [print user name]_____________________ and [print parent/guardian name] ________________________ take full responsibility for the Google Chromebook laptop computer that is being checked out for in-house library use. I understand that I am responsible for the replacement cost of the Google Chromebook should it be stolen, lost, or broken while in my care.

I agree to abide by the library's Computer and Acceptable Internet Use Policy.

I agree that the Chromebook is in working order at the time I am checking it out. I agree to Richmond Public Library's Rules for Use of the Google Chromebook (on back of this form).

I agree to return the Chromebook when the allotted reservation time (2 hours) has expired. Removing the Chromebook from its location will constitute theft and be treated accordingly.

If the Chromebook is damaged or lost during the time that it is in my care, I understand that I will be responsible for the cost of replacement. Further, I understand that my library card will be blocked from use. The library employs Unique Management Services, Inc. to help recover unpaid fines and assorted costs. A service charge of $10.00 is added to accounts that are referred to the collection service.

I understand that the Google Chromebook must be returned directly to a library staff member in order to be discharged from my library card record.

User Signature: _________________________ Date: ________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________

As part of a grant bestowed upon the Mayor's Youth Academy, Richmond Public Library is providing Google Chromebooks for in-house checkout for library users between 12 and 18 years of age who possess a current, valid Richmond Public Library card in good standing with granted internet privilege and have the requisite signed user agreement with parental/guardian permission on file.

  • Chromebooks check out for 2 hour periods.

  • Only one Chromebook may be checked out at a time.

  • Parental/Guardian permission must be granted through the signed user agreement. User agreements that are not signed through the Mayor's Youth Academy must be signed in person at the library by both the user and the parent/guardian that signed for their library card.

  • Patrons are responsible for saving any work undertaken while using the laptop. Work may be saved through an individual's Google account or through the use of external storage device such as a USB flash drive.

  • Patrons must agree to pay all replacement costs associated with damage, loss, or theft of a Google Chromebook or its power cord, as outlined in the User Agreement.

  • Library Staff will conduct a physical inspection of each laptop when it is returned in order to certify that it is intact, has its power cord, functioning properly, and otherwise in the same condition it was in at the time of check out.

  • Replacement costs are as follows:

    • Google Chromebook - $250.00

    • AC power cord - $35.00

    • Processing fee: $5.00


Approved: July 2013