14.03 Internal Lateral Transfer Policy - Approved 07-2013.pdf

When a vacancy occurs, the position will be evaluated to determine if it should be filled and at what level. Once management determines the appropriate level and that the position is necessary, a Request to Recruit will be sent to the CAO. It will also be determined if this should be an internal only recruitment, or if this will include external recruitment, keeping in mind that we want to promote from within whenever practical/appropriate.

  • If a request is made for a lateral transfer by a current employee at the same level , into the vacant position, the transfer will be considered by management.

  • The Hiring Manager (HM) will be consulted to determine if they are amenable to an internal lateral transfer. The HM will not be told who initiated the request, so that personalities and past history will not affect the process or decision.

  • Management will not initiate the transfer process unless a sound business reason exists. If a lateral transfer is not requested for a vacant position, the vacancy will be filled through the normal recruitment process to be fair to all internal and external candidates.

If the lateral transfer process is initiated:

  • A notice will be sent to all eligible employees in the same level/position. This is so that all RPL employees are given opportunities for growth and enrichment. Employees will be asked to submit a City application to the HR office, in keeping with the City's recruitment process and documentation, and the applications will be sent to the HM for consideration. A request for transfer without an application will not be considered.

  • The Hiring Manager will be required to conduct brief interviews with all those applicants for transfer who apply so that there is documentation on the selection process.

  • The most qualified/suitable candidate will be selected and offered the transfer.


Approved: July 2013