07.01 Library Programs - Food & Refreshments Policy - Reviewed by CA - 10-2014.pdf


Richmond Public Library provides a wide range of programs for residents of all ages. The Library is not an agency with a mission to serve food as part of its regular services. Food may be included, however, in some library programs, either as part of the program content (a craft project to make a gingerbread house, or a program on making healthy after-school snacks) or because of the time of day (after-school program).

When food is available during a program intended for children (ages 0-18) or family programs where children participate, the following guidelines apply.


  • The parent or attending adult is responsible for supervising what the child eats. Parents/adults responsible for the child must be present when food is served to children, or have been notified that food may be served to their child.
  • The library's disclaimer on food should be posted in the area of the program.
  • Any food served must be made in a commercial kitchen or commercially packaged, or be made on-site as part of the program presentation.
  • Food products with nuts should not be served.
  • Food items approved for library programs are:
  • Small packaged snacks
  • Boxes of packaged items, such as graham crackers Whole fruit Juice boxes
  • Pizza or other catered items that are delivered at the time of the program Items made as part of the program, such as demonstrating how to use locally grown vegetables.
  • Any opened but unused items (such as leftover graham crackers) must be thrown away or used by staff – not stored for future use.
  • Cleanup is the responsibility of library staff.


Reviewed by City Attorney - October 2014