10.10 Library Surplus Property Policy - Reviewed 02-2012.pdf

It is the policy of Richmond Public Library to adhere to all policies and procedures issued by the City's Department of Procurement Services whenever items such as supplies, materials or equipment are declared surplus, obsolete or no longer useful to the Library system. These items may be transferred to another City agency; may be traded in on the purchase of needed supplies, materials or equipment; disposed of, if the items are no longer needed or have no value; may be sold in compliance with City of Richmond policies. Items that are broken, worn out, obsolete, or no longer needed, may be declared as surplus property and disposed of in accordance with Procurement Services policies.

Procurement Services will determine whether items will be disposed of individually or as a group depending on the nature of the property by using one of the following methods:

  • Sale by sealed bid

  • Sale by informal bid

  • Fixed price sale

  • Destruction (scrap), or donation

  • Negotiated sale

  • Public auction

  • Any other method deemed to be in the best interest of the City

The City will follow the Virginia conflict of interest laws that prohibit sale to employees or dependents of employees of Procurement Services or the Agency where the surplus property in question originated except at uniform prices available to the general public in accordance with the State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act [Richmond City Code 22.179(c)(1993)], and the amounts received from the sale shall be credited to the fund from which the property was purchased.


Declaration of Surplus Property

When the items listed in the policy above are determined to be surplus property, a declaration of surplus property form (see attachment) must be completed in detail as indicated on the form (e.g. location, description, quantity, condition, fixed asset number, if applicable, and etc.) and signed by the department supervisor at the Main Library or Branch Manager. The original form must be forwarded to the Library Director or his/her designee for review and approval. If the director or designee approves the Declaration of Surplus Property form, a copy shall be provided to Procurement Services. The surplus items should remain on site at the current location until arrangements are made by the director or designee to have them removed from the premises.

Disposal of Surplus Property

  1. Broken or Obsolete Items - Surplus items that are broken, worn out, obsolete, or no longer needed should be properly disposed with the completion of the surplus property form. The surplus items should remain on site at the current location until arrangements are made by the director or designee to have them removed from the premises in accordance with City policy.

  2. Salvageable Items – Surplus items that are in good working condition and can be reused at another library site and/or city department should be transferred to that site or department. Staff should complete the surplus property form with comments listed in the remarks section; check the appropriate description in the condition box, and follow the department procedures. A Fixed Asset Disposal Notification form will be completed in accordance with Finance procedures.

  3. Transfer or Trade-in Items - Transfers from one agency to another can be made through the completion of a "Fixed Asset Report" and surplus property form, which must be approved by the director or designee before the transaction is finalized. A copy of these reports should be submitted to Procurement Services and the fixed asset coordinator in Finance. The Library will list all possible trade-in items on the replacement purchase requisition.

    Surplus property not transferred to another City Agency or traded-in shall be disposed of in accordance with City policy and the procedures outlined above.

  4. For Sale Items - When surplus property is sold in lieu of being traded-in on the purchase of new supplies, materials or equipment (e.g. computers, furniture, book supplies, and etc.) the amount received shall be credited to the General Fund with the exception of items purchased from the Special Fund or Capital Improvement Fund, which will be credited to that Fund.

  5. Computer Equipment – City of Richmond Administrative Regulation 2.4 (Disposal of Surplus Computer Equipment) will guide disposal of surplus computer equipment. Any updates to this Administrative Regulation will be automatically incorporated into library procedures. Staff in the Library's Automation Department will be responsible for maintaining records and processing changes to the Library's Fixed Asset File. Changes such as: a) adding new computer equipment (Fixed Asset Acquisition Form), and/or 2) removing existing equipment (Declaration of Surplus Property Form and Fixed Asset Disposal Notification Form) should be listed with all the pertinent computer equipment information on the library's fixed asset file in accordance with City policies and procedures. A City ID tag shall be affixed to all new equipment and a copy of the vendor's invoice should be attached to the Fixed Asset Acquisition Form.

    When computer equipment is declared surplus property, staff must notify the Department of Information Technology and Finance Department; complete the surplus property form in detail along with the continuation form, if needed and forward the originals to the Director or designee. If the computer equipment cannot be savaged and declared "junk", staff will "ghost" or strip all existing records from the hard-drive and follow the appropriate City policies and procedures for the disposal process.

  6. Disposal of Computer Equipment - An approved City or State vendor must be used to properly dispose of any computer equipment. Procurement Services, Information Technology (DIT) or the Library will make arrangements to move the equipment to the City's assigned location for storage until arrangements are made for the proper disposal. Procurement Services, Information Technology (DIT) or the Library will coordinate the individual or group disposal process depending on the condition of the computer equipment. If the vendor has a recycling program for old computer equipment with some value, the proceeds from the sale must be credited to the Fund in which the equipment was purchased from.

Update Fixed Asset File

A current Library Fixed Asset File shall be maintained online in the City's Fixed Asset System by staff in Administration and the Automation Department. When fixed asset items (see attached Library Fixed Asset Inventory Report) are declared as surplus, the Department of Finance and Procurement Services must be notified. The Declaration of Surplus Property form and Fixed Asset Disposal Notification form must be completed and distributed in accordance the department's procedures. The online fixed asset system should be updated to reflect the changes in the library fixed asset inventory.


Approved: September 2006

Reviewed: February 2012