12.03.a Materials Reconsideration Request Policy - Reviewed 02-2012 (2) - without attachment.pdf

12.03.b Materials Reconsideration Request Form.pdf

The Richmond Public Library (RPL) strives to acquire material that best reflects the community's needs and interests. In most instances, reviews are requested prior to purchasing material. The Library's collection development policy and related information is found in Section 12, Materials Management.

Patrons may request that an item on the shelf be removed for objections to content by completing the Materials Reconsideration Request Form and sending the form to the Manager of Collection Development located at the Main Library, 101 E. Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

The request must include patron address and telephone number.

The Collection Development Manager will review the request and recommend action to the Library Director.

A written response will be provided to the patron.


Approved: July 20, 2005

Reviewed: February 2012