As part of its mission to &quot;inform, enrich, empower,&quot; Richmond Public Library offers special programs to the public in and out of the library buildings.

Each Library program is designed to:

- Support the stated goals and strategic plan of the Library, or
- Assist customers in the use of Library materials and resources, or
- Encourage and promote the use of Library materials and resources, or
- Present information not otherwise available, or
- Facilitate the sharing of the community&#39;s &quot;people resources&quot; – their hobbies, skills, collections, and expertise.

The Richmond Public Library seeks to form partnerships with various community groups and institutions in the development and implementation of a variety of diverse programs and may seek to co-sponsor such programs with a wide mixture of community groups or organizations.

Program presenters are chosen based on their knowledge, expertise, and cost.

The ideas expressed by program presenters are not necessarily those of the Richmond Public Library Board of Trustees or staff members.

Richmond Public Library presents programs for a variety of age groups.

Acceptable forms for Library programs include, but are not limited to:

- Book discussions
- Author visits
- Poetry readings
- Story times
- Art exhibits
- Music recitals
- Plays
- Dance performances
- Tours and Library instruction
- Lectures
- Films
- Workshops
- Book talks/story times presented by library staff in school classrooms, daycares, retirement communities and community centers.

The number and frequency of Library programs vary in response to community needs, budget concerns and other demands upon the Library staff.  Programs will be planned through the leadership of the Deputy Director for Public Services, with an annual plan for program focus.  Funding will be designated for various programs and program support with the approval of the Deputy Director.

Individuals or groups may request permission to present a program in the Library by completing a Program Application form and submitting it to the Branch Manager. The Branch Manger or department supervisor and the Deputy Director will examine the proposal to see if it fits the overall goals of Library programs and if the funding, staff and space needed to accomplish the program are available.

Programs and events sponsored by the Richmond Public Library are open to all individuals without regard to residency.

Programs and events are normally free of charge; however, registration prior to a program or event may be required.

Only Library-sponsored programs may be presented after the Library is officially closed.


**Approved:   November 4, 2008**

**Reviewed:  February 2012**