- Can I be assured my gift will go on a certain library's shelves?

Donated materials will only be added to the collection if they meet the same standards outlined in the library's materials selection policy.  If your gift does not meet these guidelines, the donated materials will be offered to our other library locations, placed in the library's used book sale, or recycled.

- Can I donate paperbacks or magazines?

We will put _trade paperbacks_ with current copyrights into the collection if we need the titles. We will sell all mass market paperbacks through the library's used book sale.

While some of the branch libraries welcome magazines for their book sales, the main library does not accept magazines. Please check with the staff before dropping off magazines.

- Can I donate audiovisual materials?

Yes.  A/V materials (DVD's, audiobooks in CD format, and music CD's) that meet the library's selection criteria for A/V materials and are in their **original, unopened packaging** may be added to the collection.

A/V materials that do not meet the criteria above will be placed in the used book sale.

- Can I ask to be contacted if the book is not needed, so I can get it back?

No.  When you give the library a book or other material, you are also giving the library the right to decide the best use of the material: shelf or sale.

- What type of material do you absolutely not want?

We do not accept materials that are yellowed, brittle, missing pages or covers, or moldy. We do not accept old textbooks, spiral bound editions, Reader's Digest Condensed novels, notebooks, or any book that has been written in.

- How can you be fussy? It's free material.

It's not free. Staff time, cataloging, labels, and processing all add a cost to each gift item.


**Approved: December 17, 2007**

**Reviewed: February 2012**