03.01 Records Management-Requirements Policy - Reviewed 11-20-17.pdf

This policy will define the requirements for a) City of Richmond records management, b) records specific to Richmond Public Library, and c) response to requests to provide records under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

A. Responsibility for City of Richmond Records Management:

The Director of Richmond Public Library is designated "City Records Manager" for the City of Richmond, in accordance with City of Richmond Administrative Regulation 3.5 titled Virginia Public Records Policy, and in accordance with processes established by the Library of Virginia/Records Management Division.

In this capacity, the Library Director will fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Implement and oversee a records management program for City departments/agencies consistent with Virginia Code Sec. 42.1-76 (Virginia Public Records Act).
  2. Identify and train departmental records managers for City of Richmond departments/agencies, to insure consistent management of records held by City of Richmond departments/agencies.
  3. Identify secure storage for the preservation of public records.
  4. Update procedures and processes as needed to insure compliance with Library of Virginia retention schedules for public records.

Staff at the Main Library will be assigned responsibility, through the City Records Manager, for proper storage, management, and retrieval of records stored for City of Richmond departments/agencies.

Effective July 1, 2011, the only records accepted for new storage at the Main Library will be records from the City Clerk of the City of Richmond. All other City departments will store and manage their records at the State Records Center, or at another site for storage that meets the Virginia Public Records Act requirements. As destruction dates are reached for records stored at the Main Library, storage space will be cleared.

B. Records Specific to Richmond Public Library:

The Library will identify retention and destruction periods for records of Richmond Public Library, in accordance with General Schedules of the Library of Virginia (GS-22 Library Records, and other relevant schedules).

C. Virginia Freedom of Information Act:

The Library will follow City policy to appropriately designate responsible staff and meet requirements of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and to comply with Administrative Regulation 3.1 through 3.4 (Virginia Freedom of Information Policy).


Approved: February 2012

Reviewed: November 17, 2017